“The battle is real, this is what people in are doing to keep their home safer.”

There’s a new device on the market that’s making it easier for people to keep the air in their homes free from germs and bacteria.

Let’s face it; if you caugh, chances are the bacteria is going to linger around in the air. Not to mention other things flying around that could bind to viruses and cary the risk through the air in your home.

As you go about your daily life, walking from the bedroom to the living room, dust particles will make their way from the floor where they could have attracted who knows what into the air, and from there into your lungs through your nose.

This is where this new device comes in; a device so in demand it’s running out of stock despite only being featured on the news just recently.

Most often used by pet owners to disinfect the air from stinky smells; this engenius device is doubling up as a special air ‘sanitizer’ to clean it from harmful pathogens.

The secret to it’s effectiveness lies in how it uses special technology to static charge the airborn contaminants that are floating around, and force them to simply ‘stick’ to the built in filter rather than continue to float around in the air.

The question is, does it work at cleaning the air, if yes how well? Research by Dr A. W. Segal; Professor of Haematology Department from University College Hospital in the United Kingdom confirmed that positively charged ion’s created by electricity can in fact cause contaminants like viruses and bacteria to get sucked into an ionizer and thus get removed from the air around us. This is why we decided to test it for ourself, and note down our findings for our readers.
Breathe Green Plug n Pure Air Ionizers not only remove contaminants from the air; they also remove bad smells like smoking, cat urine, and dog smells. Dispel benzene and foramldehyde, kill harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens.
What is it?
Breathe Green Plug n Pure is a state of the art, 21st century air ionizer and purifier using high voltage cleaning technology in a truly compact size.

It was designed for in-room applicantions and has a coverage that’s suitable for typical living room & bed room sizes.

How it works is you simply plug it into an available socket on the wall, and it does it’s magic without any further user interaction. In addition to protecting you from dangerous viruses, getting rid of smells, and producing cleaner air it has a built in night light function as well that can help illuminate hallways, staircases, and other paths in the dark.

Thanks to it’s effective purifying combination that creates activated fresh oxygen, it also helps keep mold and mildew from forming on surfaces.
How does it work?
Breathe Green Plug n Pure is a tried and tested air cleaning product that utilizes electrostatic attraction which was discovered in the early 1770s by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. Just like Old Box Televisions, at the infancy of this new technology the size of an effective ionizer was big and bulky; it took many centuries to be able to fit it into a package that can be used by everone interested in keeping the air in their homes as clean and safe as possible. The device uses what’s referred to as Coulomb’s law which is a force between two electrically charged particles, to bring them closer together.

OK, I will not bore you with science talk; the point is; this stuff really works because of advancements in our technology.

Now, you don’t need an air ionizer the size of a house to pull out contaminents from the air and get them to stick to a filter. It can be done through a simple night light sized device that you just plug in and forget.

Breathe Green Plug n Pure makes it suitable to clean the air in the home just by buying multiple pieces and plugging them into each room.

They are so confident in how effective their product is the manufacturer offered 50% off for our readers that order right here, through their official website!
It is very easy to use:

1. First, click here to order yours for 50% OFF.

2. Shipping is fast, you will have it in 1-3 days.

3. Open the package, and unwrap the item, making sure everything’s A-OK.

4. Take it to the room you want to clean the air in; and find an unobstructed socket. Whatever you do, DO NOT plug it in so it’s out of sight (don’t plug it into a wall socket behind your dresser, or bed) it needs to be in an open space to be able to ‘suck’ in all the viruses and bacteria.

5. That’s it; your Breathe Green Plug n Pure is now doing it’s job. You don’t have to do anything more.

TIP: You can turn the night light off and on; depending if you want to use it or not.
“Everyone must be proactive and do all they can to help themselves to stay safe.”
-Stephen Covey
What makes Breathe Green Plug n Pure so unique?
Destroys viruses, bacteria and germs
The natural electrostatic suction extracts the dangerous particles from the air, collectings it; binding it to the internal filter of the device.

Keeps entire family safe from illnesses and deadly infections
Breathe Green Plug n Pure helps maintain a virus-free zone by eliminiating potential problems before they become serious.

Super Easy To Use
Thanks to it’s plug and play design; you just plug it and forget it!

Great Price, Way Cheaper and a Must For Everyone That’s Serious About Their Health & Safety
Breathe Green Plug n Pure is a staple of a sound safety plan for everyone family; it’s not a consumable and comes with a lifetime warranty.
“Use Breathe Green Plug n Pure if you want to stay safe and clean from potential dangers.”
Who can benefit from Breathe Green Plug n Pure?
Just about anyone that wants to make sure they are not getting sick or catching viruses they don’t want.

This device is also recommended for people that suffer from any form of allergy, don’t enjoy bad smells, or simply want to breathe easier.

You Can Benefit From Breathe Green Plug n Pure if

✅ you live in a house with wall plugs
✅ you don’t want to get sick
✅ you want to breathe clean air
✅ you are a proactive person that rather be safe than sorry
✅ you value peace of mind
✅ you are looking to protect your family and loved ones
✅ you care about others and want to make sure you are not someone that will pass on a virus
Questions and Answers about Breathe Green Plug n Pure
Q: Does it work with American plugs?
YES! Breathe Green Plug n Pure is designed for the North American plug. We also have a model for the UK, and the EU markets as well!

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
YES we do, and paypal too!

Q: Can it be used in the car?
Technically NO, however if you are a little techie, you may get a power inverter and use that to power Breathe Green Plug n Pure in your car.

Q: How Much Does Shipping Cost?
Shipping is FREE

Q: Does it come with a warranty?
Yes it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Q: Do you offer money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer 30 day money back guarantee!
Conclusion: IS IT WORTH IT?
Absolutely YES If you want to be safe.

After trying Breathe Green Plug n Pure I immediately noticed the air in my house feel like i was up, high in the mountains breathing that amazing fresh mountain air.

I highly recommend it to all our readers that want to keep the air in their home as clean as possible.

Here’s some good news, I was able to talk to the manufacturer and they told me if our readers order through THIS OFFICIAL LINK, they can claim 50% OFF on their order and they will also throw in FREE FAST SHIPPING.

The discounts are limited and depend solely on how much items remain in stock, so it’s a good idea not to wait too long especially now, when things are getting more hectic every day.
HOW TO GET YOUR VERY OWN Breathe Green Plug n Pure?
If there’s still stock left, here’s what you need to do to get yours:

1) To Claim The 50% OFF Discount, CLICK HERE To Visit the Official Website

2) After it arrives, plug it in, and enjoy mountain fresh air that’s free from potential hazzards.

It’s quite simple!

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