“People in Are Using This Device to Disinfect Everything Around Them”

New device makes it easy to disinfect surfaces from bacteria and other dangerous viruses!
Let’s face it, your mobile phone is one of the dirtiest items you probably own; it’s the perfect breathing ground for viruses and other dangerous bacteria that can be passed on without even knowing it.

You check messages on Facebook, Instagram, your e-mail, the news, Youtube… then it gets on your hands, your face, your mouth, nose.. without knowing and the problem is done.

That’s where Mobile Klean comes in…

With Mobile Klean, you can disinfect and sanitize your cell phone in a matter of minutes and instantly kill viruses and bacteria that might be lingering on its surface.

The secret lies in the UV technology that has been proven to kill up to 99.98% of surface bacteria & viruses.

But is it as great as they are claim? Turns out medical doctors have been using UV light to sanitize level 4 infected hospital rooms since the early 1900’s.
UV light sterilization was discovered in 1878 when a scientist discovered it killed all bacteria at the effective wavelengths of UV 250 nm. This Ultraviolet (UV) germicidal irradiation is a purely physical, chemical-free process that kills surface viruses and bacteria within a few minutes. The picture above is a professional UV light sanitizer used in hospitals.
What is it?
Mobi Klean is an easy to use, portable UV steralizer that’s 100x smaller than the huge steralizers used by hospitals. It was designed for private use, in residential homes and serves best at disinfecting mobile phones, laptops, door knobs, and other surfaces we touch multiple times every single day.

Now, more than ever before it’s vital that you protect your family and loved ones from the chance of contracting any form of virus or bacteria.

The first step is to be responsible, know that this is not a joke, and the virus can live for as long as 3 hours on most surfaces. Mobile Klean will ensure surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected using it’s pantented UV virus killing technology. One of the biggest benefits, unlike hand sanitizers this is a chemical free process, that means there will be no skin irritation, you won’t “run out”, and it’s extremely economic to use as well. Meaning it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Understanding the current situation, the manufacturers of Mobile Klean have decided to offer 50% off to customers to help combat the hoarding of other cleaning products and enable every family to stay safe and disinfect surfaces from potential virus threats.
How does it work?
Mobile Klean works by using 250nm UV light to kill bacteria and viruses on any surface.

It’s use is recommend for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Keyboards, Desks, and Cash Money (many people don’t know this but there’s a lot of invisible bacteria and viruses on cash).
It is very easy to use:

1. First, click here to order yours for 50% OFF

2. Shipping is fast, you will have it in 1-3 days.

3. Open the package, and unwrap the item and place 2 AA batteries in it. Turn it on.

4. Take your mobile phone and lay it on a flat surface. Scan in an up and down, count a total of 20 cycles.

5. Congratulations, your mobile phone or other object is now sanitized!

TIP: You can use UV light to disinfect single-use masks, and use them again.

“The idea is to stay safe using sustainable means”

What makes Mobile Klean so unique?
Destroys viruses, bacteria and germs
The 250nm UV destroying rays kill surface bacteria, viruses and germs.

Keeps entire family safe from illnesses and deadly infections
Mobile Klean helps maintain a virus-free zone by eliminiating potential problems before they become serious.

Super Easy To Use
As we’ve explained above, using it is very simple thanks to its portable design.

Great Price, Way Cheaper and More Sustainable Than Buying Hand Sanitizer
Mobile Klean is way more affordable and helps save the user a lot of money compared to chemical based sanitizers; you don’t need to buy refills, or overpay due to people buying up massive quantities. Having one per family member is the recommended maximum.

“Use MobileKlean if you want to stay safe and clean from potential dangers.”

Who can benefit from MobileKlean?
Just about anyone who takes the current world we live in seriously.

This device is also recommended for people that don’t want to stand in long lines, don’t want to overpay or fight for chemical sanitizers.

You Can Benefit From Mobile Klean

✅ you have a mobile phone
✅ your house has doors with door knobs
✅ you work from home on a laptop or computer
✅ you wear a mask that was designed for only a few uses (with this you can disinfect it, and extend its usage time)
✅ you want to keep safe while shopping
✅ you are looking to protect your family and loved ones
✅ you care about others and want to make sure you are not someone that will pass on a virus
Questions and Answers about MobileKlean
Q: Does it work with iPhone?
Yes! Mobile Klean works on ALL phones and other surfaces too.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
YES we do, and paypal as well!

Q: Can it be used in the car?
Yes, it’s perfect for disinfect steering wheel, shifter knob, door handle and more!

Q: How Much Does Shipping Cost?
Shipping is FREE.

Q: Does it come with a warranty? Yes it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Q: Do you offer money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer 30 day money back guarantee!
Conclusion: IS IT WORTH IT?
Absolutely YES If you want to be safe.

After trying Mobile Klean and checking for bacteria under the microscope, I was pleased to note that it did kill all the bacteria and I couldn’t see anything moving and wiggling around at a massive 1000x magnification either.

I highly recommend it to all our readers that want to stay safe in these turbulant times we’re living it.

Here’s some good news, I was able to talk to the manufacturer and they told me if our readers order through THIS OFFICIAL LINK, they can claim 50% OFF on their order and they will also throw in FREE FAST SHIPPING.

The discounts are limited and depend solely on how much items remain in stock, so it’s a good idea not to wait too long especially now, when things are getting more hectic every day.
If there’s still stock left, here’s what you need to do to get yours:

1) To Claim The 50% OFF Discount, CLICK HERE To Visit the Official Website

2) After it arrives, thoroughly disinfect everything in your home that you touch frequently.

It’s quite simple!

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