Viruses like COVID-19 coronavirus can live in the air for over 3 hours.   Protect your family now and make sure you breathe in clean air with Blaux In Home Air Purifier System

Turn Dirty Air into Mountain Fresh Clean Air With Blaux in Home

Why even the “cleanest” homes are in fact ridden with airborne particles that canaffect your health.

When someone in your family is sick, or you clean and vacuum your home. Invisible particles get thrown all over in the air. They may arrive on the clothes of visitors like the post man and on packages you ordered and then cause all kinds of issues without anyone knowing.

These particles then enter the lungs of everyone in the room and that’s it, damage has been done.

Now there’s a new device that makes it easy to stay safe from things floating around in the air.

Introducing Blaux In Home.

This revolution new gadget is an air purifier, and deodorizer in one.

It uses active charge ion technology to clean the air by sucking invisible debris into it’s mechanical filter like a magnet.

Then the exhaust air goes through a charcoal filter to remove contaminants. A charcoal filter that can also add great smells to the air through it’s scented option.

What is Blaux In Home Air Filter and Ionizer?

Blaux In Home is an air filter and ionizer that cleans and purifies the air in a room, either in your home, your office, or any other closed space –– such as basements, RV’s, bedrooms and more!

While there are a lot of air filters out there, there’s something incredibly unique about Blaux In Home’s technology. It is an air filter, ionizer, and deodorizer all in one!

The filter cartridges are interchangable, and you have the option for scented ones like Vanilla,  Forest, Lavender and more.

How Blaux In Home creates clean, pure air “out of thin air”

When you fit an air filter and ionizer working around the clock 24x7x365 in your home or office, you ensure the air you breathe is not only fresh but also safe.

Now we’ve established how a device like Blaux In Home can protect you, let’s see what else the Blaux In Home Air Filter and Ionizer can also do:

  • Keeps the air in your room fresh by providing constant circulation, giving you all the benefits of having a gentle cleansing draft running through your home with none of the downsides like annoying bugs or loud street noises.

  • While many ionizers in the market can’t avoid releasing small amounts of ozone which can cause respiratory issues, Blaux In Home’s sophisticated cleaning solution purifies your air without releasing any ozone byproducts. It’s 100% safe and pure for children, dogs, cats, and other pets!

  • With its high-tech negative ion technology, Blaux In Home makes floating matter and dust drop like flies, removing bad things fromt he air that you would otherwise breathe in.
  • Armed with a super-clean, activated natural charcoal, this device filters the air by binding impurities chemically, rendering contaminants and impurities harmless. It also comes with an optional filter which can be fitted with a scented pouch that fills the room with a fragrance of your choosing.

  • Since pure, healthy air is guaranteed with Blaux In Home, you’d think they would stop there –– but they didn’t! The device comes with three fan speeds and a night light, enabling you to pick whichever setting suits your preferences and better helps your comfort.

  • Fast and easy set up, ready to go right out of the box. Honestly, setting up a potentially life-saving device has never been this easy! Just plug it in and Blaux In Home goes to work scrubbing your air and purifying it.

I never imagined it’d be so easy to have such clean and pleasantly pure air. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be kicking yourself until you get one for every room of the house!

What does something like this cost?

Luckily for you and your wallet, Blaux In Home are running a 50% discount offer for a limited time only. And if you’re not completely satisfied with the product, they let you return it hassle free within 30 days of delivery for a full refund! Click here to order yours and save!

Where can I order it?

Blaux In Home is only available on the official site here. (You won’t find it on Amazon or ebay.)

*No-Hassle Returns If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.


Is it worth it?

Here’s the bottom line: Blaux In Home is an affordable device that cleans the air you and those closest to you breathe.  If you want to minimize the chances of getting sick, you need to clean your air with Blaux In Home!

All you have to do is order it while there’s a 50% discount, plug it and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are breathing truly clean air!

UPDATE: Due to the current situation affecting the world, supplies are limited. Air purifiers with charcoal cleaning filters are gaining in popularity globally. Currently, inventory is still available but that could change at any time. Take advantage of the 50% discount now »

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A. Audrey is a Medical Expert and Science Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. In her free time she enjoys yoga, gardening and her cats George & Terrance. She loves listening to Indie music, and prefers Pizza over Steak. Her dream is to one day visit Italy, when it’s safe to do so in the near future.

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