As technology moves forward in huge steps each and every day we are finding ourselves in need of more and more gadgets. These quality of life additions to our lives are basically becoming a must-have for everyone who wants to keep up with the world as it progresses.

Watches have improved over the centuries on an enormous scale. So nowadays traditional, old school analog watches are considered outdated and digital watches are trashed in the bin by smart watches.

Countless people in the world have switched to smart watches.

Stepping into my office nowadays with my analog watch on my hand sometimes feels embarrassing, considering I’m one of the few with it on my hand.

Seeing my colleagues answer calls using their watches, being able to change the music on them, and control phone cameras are just some of the reasons I wanted to get a smart watch. They are just packed with tech that would make mine and anyone else’s life easier.

The advanced, smart watches are packed with technology that is essential and they are simply more than worth buying for what you get. But there’s a catch. Most smart watches nowadays are overpriced. They come at ridiculous prices which are simply to laugh at.

The big-name industries are putting huge numbers on the price tags of their smart watches and finding one reasonably priced that does the job well, and actually looks cool is a nearly an impossible task.

Well, it was impossible until recently at least.

I spent hours and hours trying to find a smart watch that I can afford and that won’t look like it came straight from a cartoon and landed on my wrist but it offers the same as the expensive options on the market.

I didn’t want to give big name companies a cent for their funny smart watches and I simply had to have one.

My off-hours were spent on all sorts of sites, forums, and such reading reviews, trying to find a smart watch worth buying. But getting home from work and spending time on the web looking for the gem amongst smart watches finally paid off.

Ladies and gentlemen, my almost impossible task came to a conclusion with my discovery of the amazing GX Smartwatch. It’s a, believe it or not, a smart watch that is completely affordable looks stylish and has the latest technology.

The GX Smartwatch is not only on par with the latest of big-name smart watches but is even better in many fields.

It’s safe to say I had ordered it the moment I stumbled upon it. The looks caught my attention, the components and features it had grabbed me by the hand and the price simply bought me. It’s unbelievable. I was awestruck.

Okay, so now that I’m done rambling about the discovery of my favorite new gadget let me cut the chase.

The first thing I want to talk about is the flawless design before getting over its interior. There currently is no smart watch on the market that combines style and tech in a way that GX Smartwatch does, end of the story. It will look cool on your wrist whether you wear it while in a tux or in your sweatpants while watching Netflix with your girlfriend or while you’re on a jog.

Let me tell you one more thing, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to break this thing. I’m a guy that breaks something every now and then and no matter how tough phone or a gadget is it’s sure to break in my hands. But nope, the GX Smartwatch refuses to break. The hardened aluminum shell and the tempered touchscreen are the reasons why this watch is unmatched.

I adore its European design, styled for men that know what they’re buying and getting into. When put next to other smart watches on the market, this one looks professional and sleek. It’s available in four variants, brown and black leather and black and grey metal. So it will offer everyone something for their taste.

The GX Smartwatch’s perfect amalgamation of design and technology is something unmatched. Now let me get on with the tech details.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you get your hands on this lovely device is that it has an epic display. Simply put: it’s clean, big, and tough. Things on it are easy to read and the controls are even easier to use and access due to its 1.3inch measurements.

If you’re like me, and you like having technology that lasts long you will adore the GX Smartwatch. Its battery life goes from three to five whole days, depending on how much you use it. It didn’t die on me since I bought it, which surely tells quite something about it as I’m a fairly heavy user. Did I mention that it charges in an hour and that you only need a USB for that?

It’s got a pedometer that tracks your fitness data and makes you challenge yourself with new goals every day. An accurate ECG goes along with it which makes it an incredible combination for someone who is into sports or strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

The thing about these diagrams, measurements, and data that GX Smartwatch provides is that they offer you something truly special. They provide you a physical examination that you’d need a doctor’s appointment to get without this smart watch.

If health is your priority when it comes to getting a device like this then knowing that GX Smartwatch tracks your sleep will make you love it. Your sleep will be way better than before cause the GX Smartwatch will tell you how deep your sleep was, how much sleep you got, and how to improve your sleep.

I used to take off my analog watch before I went to sleep before I got a GX Smartwatch. Now I never take it off, even in the bedroom.

One of the options that GX Smartwatch has is that it can track your phone by calling it. Whether it’s an iOS or Android, it doesn’t matter cause it supports both. Haven’t I told you that it’s amazing?

Also, controlling the music you’re listening to on your phone was never easier for me since I bought the GX Smartwatch. I can control it directly through the smart watch without having to open my music player app on the phone which is always a chore.

Health sensors, amazing display, and the ability to track and control your phone features are just some of the things the GX Smartwatch is proud to have in its arsenal.

In the end, if you ask me, it’s totally worth it to buy the GX Smartwatch. You won’t find a watch that rocks the big-name competition with ease at such an affordable price.

Oh yeah, the price, I totally forgot to mention the price. With the discount it currently has on the site, it’s only a mind-blowing $99. Considering the price of other smart watches on the market, that’s a steal in my opinion. And the company offers many more discounts and offers if you want to make someone’s day (and life) better with a smart watch like this!

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